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Welcome to the Affiliate Program!


Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in promoting and The 3BG System. We’re excited to help you earn a little extra beer money by promoting our products.

Did we just say a little extra money?

We actually mean a lot.

As mentioned before, when you promote and The 3BG System you earn 75% commissions on front-end offers and up-sells. Now that’s more like it.

**Let us know if you would like to preview the product first. Send over a quick email and we’ll send it your way.

All right enough lolly gagging, in these next pages, you will find all that you need to get an affiliate link up on your site so that you can start earning money.

Keep in mind there is a small amount of work to do up front, but we’ll be here step by step so that you can benefit from passive income once the link is posted in a prominent spot on your web site.

Passive income- that word is music to our ears. Just like an old info-mercial screamed the tag line, “Set it and forget it!”- You’re going to do that with our affiliate links. Set them up in prominent locations on your site; use them in blog posts/articles and link to some of the cool banners we provide.

Follow the step-by-step guide and you’ll be making passive income in no time!


Feel free to contact any of us should you have difficulty with the process. We are not web masters, (you don’t have to be to make money promoting our products) but we’ll help you in any way that we can.







The Boys from Team3BG

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