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Become a Affiliate, Sell The Hottest Fat-Burning Workouts On The Internet And Earn 75% Commissions While Doing It!


Dear Friend,

Team3BG wants to help you earn some extra income online by promoting a new innovative angle to fitness. Our Affiliate team is devoted to making you money and personally assists you in your marketing needs.

If you’d like to promote the The 3BG System e-book, you can earn a passive income while helping your readers/clients achieve their fitness goals.

All you need is a simple website and we’ll provide you with the tools necessary to promote our kick-ass products. The best part is that you’ll earn a healthy commission on each sale with little to no work on your part.


What is an Affiliate Program?


An affiliate program is a web-based referral system where you can recommend The 3BG System e-book to other people with a special code. When you do so, and someone purchases, you’ll receive a commission for each sale.


How Much Will I Earn?


For each sale, you will earn a 75% commission!


How do I get Started?


The first thing to do is to sign-up for the affiliate program below. Once that is done, you’ll be authorized to promote and sell The 3BG System e-book through your website, blog, or newsletter.

There is no charge to become a affiliate. All you need to do is enter your best email address in the form provided below and we’ll help take care of the rest.


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PPS – After you click the “Submit” button above, you should receive a confirmation email from us within minutes or even seconds. You must confirm your membership or you will not receive our affiliate newsletters with all the important information you need to get started.

We’re committed to making a premier resource for men on health, fitness & lifestyle enhancement. Our unique angle on health and fitness helps this product stand alone from the pack. By promoting our products you’ll not only help change lives but you’ll improve your financial future.

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