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Our Vision


To build an army of 100,000 men by 2015 who adopt the 3BG “Earn Your Beer” mentality. Live healthy and balanced lives, drink and enjoy beer and make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Guess what? It all starts with getting rid of that beer belly.


How are we different?


The founding members of Team3BG consist of friends who enjoy drinking beer, going out, grilling and playing every sport under the sun. Before we came together to found we were all compromising some part of our lives for our fitness, whether it was long hours in the gym or not meeting up at the bar to avoid the temptation.  We needed to figure out a way to make it easy enough for guys with completely different challenges to incorporate healthy living into their daily routines- without becoming slaves to the gym and leaving us enough time to enjoy our beers.


Who’s behind the BeerBellyBeGone Movement?


Dr. Sean Landry, Chiropractor, CSCS President of and co-author/creator of The 3BG System.


Growing up as an athlete and playing every sport under the sun I have dedicated my life to understanding the human body and what makes it work. With a passion for life, family and friends, I continually look for ways to improve my health and wellness and to help others do the same.

My biggest excitement is to have fun in all that I do and live life to the fullest, and it is because of this attitude that the BeerBellyBeGone mentality was born.

I want to teach men how to enjoy being healthy and fit. Life should not be about sacrifice but about adopting a new belief system that enables the best results in the shortest amount of time while to eating to optimize your body. And you don’t have to give up the best beverage on earth to do it!

Hopefully one day we can meet, workout together and finish it off with a nice cold beer.



Jonathan Landry, Professional Hockey Player Co-creator of The 3BG System.


Following in Sean’s footsteps as his younger brother, I too played my fare share of sports and was definitely the better athlete and ping-pong player (This will probably get edited out when Sean reads this… ha ha ha). All joking aside, everything I learned was thanks to him. I was lucky to have an older brother who included me in everything that he and his friends were doing. They loved to organize basketball, baseball, football, and street hockey games and whether they strapped some pads to my legs and stuck me in nets, I got to play. With that being said, I suffered my fair share of beatings and bloody noses which probably toughened me up for my college and pro sports careers.

Sean passed his love of sports and his competitiveness in all that he does on to me and it didn’t stop there. Once Sean became of age to really start lifting weights I too wanted to be included. At an early age I learned how to lift with proper technique and posture thanks to an awesome trainer at our small local gym. Starting out at an early age was important to my development. Athletics allowed me to pursue a great degree and now I am living my lifelong dream of playing professional hockey.

I love going to the arena everyday to workout, practice and play games. It’s not work to me even though it is extremely taxing both mentally and physically. There is nothing like the feeling after your team wins, you get in a fight, or you score the game winning goal. You know what? It’s the same feeling I get after finishing one of the hardcore workouts in the 3BG system. If I had to describe it, I guess I’d call it a feeling of invincibility and achievement. You’re sweating for a purpose, all the while knowing that drinking a few beers with the boys is the reward.

I challenge you to find your purpose and strive to get better each day. Always have a vision of where you want to go, and you will achieve beyond your beliefs.

Go after your dreams!



Drew Jamieson, CSCS
Co-creator of The 3BG System.


I started working out when I was 16 years old and the results I’m after today aren’t much different than what I wanted back then. I wanted what every teenager wanted: to be a better athlete, to excel in sports, to run really fast and of course bench a lot of weight, laughs. What changed for me along my journey was knowledge and application. It`s now eight years later and I still want a better, stronger, leaner body and I’ve stopped at nothing to learn and apply everything I can to gain every edge possible. I was fortunate enough to letter in Football at college and had the opportunity to learn from some amazing coaches and mentors about sports, science and life.

I find the pursuit of athletic performance and body transformation to be some of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors I’ve ever been involved with. I learned through trial and error that this battle with my body quickly became a battle with my mind as well. It wasn’t as simple as lift the weight – lower the weight, or chew the food – swallow the food. I realized I had to take things to the next level and seek as much information as I could to get the results not only for myself, but also for my clients and athletes.

Now, admitting you might be wrong about something is probably one of the most difficult things we face in life but I was glad when I finally did. Inevitably, I hit a wall and wasn’t making the gains I should have been. I decided to forget what I thought I knew and pursue the truth and science behind the body. Once I did, I never looked back. We have compiled here a no non sense system that anyone can use to transform their body in just 4 short months. The tools we have included will help you lose the belly, gain muscle and reach all of your fitness goals while giving you full control of your body and mind.

What are you waiting for?


Click Here and Start Earning Your Beer

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