August 9, 2011 Posted by Jon in Workouts

How to improve your drive by 10 yards

The family is in town this week for my cousins wedding. Even with all the running around, family barbecues and get-togethers the boys and I managed to squeeze in 18 holes early Sunday morning.

The setting was beautiful Nicklaus North Golf Course 2 minutes north of Whistler Village and the weather was perfect.

Between the black bears and brew-skis we got to talking about how fit the guys on the PGA tour were these days.

With the exception of a few the game of golf is being played more and more by athletes. It’s becoming a sport where the mental game melds into the physical. To be able to compete on tour these days you need to have both- distance and control.

Unfortunately for all of us weekend warriors we don’t have the skill to hone our short game to PGA standards. What we can do is invest a little time in our conditioning and in doing so impress the lads with drives into the 3-hundreds.

Before you dust off the irons this weekend check out the Golf Specific 20 Minute Exercise Circuit below.

The circuit utilizes elements of strength, power, balance and flexibility that when combined can improve your distance off the tee by at least ten yards or more.

Who couldn’t use a little extra length?

Here’s the best part- with the extra distance, your mates will be buying the beer on the 19th hole!