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Adam Bornn, Financial Planner, 28– Langley, British Columbia

“You don’t realize how fast the beer gut creeps up on you. I’d always considered myself active but life and too many hours at the office took its toll on my body without me even realizing. Fortunately I started hanging out with the guys from 3BG and implemented the challenging but easy to follow workouts into my routine. Before I knew it my waist went from a 36 down to a 32. It was hilarious- my board shorts were literally falling off me at the lake while wake surfing. Now that the beer belly is gone, I’m excited for the next challenge in my life and am happy I’ve got the boys from 3BG inspiring me along the way.”

Dr. JP Young, Chiropractor 30 - New Haven, Connecticut

"I see men all the time with bad back problems and I’m constantly telling them that the biggest factor contributing to their back pain is the added weight around their waistlines. If they got up and moved they’d probably get rid of a ton of their health problems not to mention their back pain. The guys from BeerBellyBeGone have come up with an awesome “mind-body-mouth” approach to losing fat fast and getting into the best shape of your lives. I’ve read and applied the principles outlined in the book and continue to see incredible results. I love the attack life and “earn your beer” mentality that they’ve adapted to the BeerBellyBeGone lifestyle. This picture is a shot of me at a shark-fishing tournament 2 weeks ago. Look forward to having a beer with you guys sometime soon."

Dave Balback, 25, Vancouver, British Columbia

“The 3BG system took six years off my body in less than 90 days! Being a Sales Professional took a toll on my body. Working long hours and attending work meetings (often at a local pub) packed on the pounds and made my athletic physique a thing of the past. I had gone from an amateur football player at a lean 9% body fat weighing in at 200lbs to what I saw as a slob at 220lbs and over 25% fat. No matter what I tried to do I always found excuses or ways to get around working out. When I first heard about the 3BG system I was skeptical but it appealed to me because I considered drinking beer as part of my job/lifestyle. When I started with the 3BG system the first thing I noticed is how easy it was to follow - no guesswork and no more excuses. I was shocked to start seeing results in less than 10 days and my energy level was through the roof. I stuck it out and in no time I had my "football body" back. I continued the program and kept seeing results; my friends are always asking me over a few beers how I stay in such great shape and my answer is simple 3BG baby!”

Shannon McNevan Duisburg, Germany

"After hanging up the axe and taking on the role as full-time GM for a professional hockey team in Germany, I haven't been using the BeerBellyBeGone program to get rid of a beer belly, but rather avoid exchanging the six-pack for a full keg. Despite being extremely busy, the 3BG workouts have allowed me to maintain the same body I had while I played without having to grind it out in the gym for a couple hours each day, or giving up the tasty German beer at the end of a long work day. The from 3BG have got me re-energized about life after playing, and focused on serving and bettering those around me on a daily basis. I can't say enough about their program, or the lifestyle that it advocates."

Dr. John Igoe, M.D., B.Sc., Internal Medicine Resident 27- Halifax, Nova Scotia

"The boys from have hit health and wellness on the head with the “3BG program”. Not only do they apply sound nutritional principles, their 3-part system addresses the mental and physical aspect to any lifestyle overhaul, without the starvation and deprivation seen in some of those other programs out there. They employ balance and tell you that it’s ok to reward yourself at the end of a hard week with the occasional beer. Working in the ER I see people from all walks of life and in all states of health and sickness. If they applied some of the information outlined by the boys from maybe some of my patients wouldn’t have wound up in here. Anyway, I love living the BeerBellyBeGone lifestyle and would recommend it to men everywhere. Actually I just recently underwent shoulder surgery to repair a separated AC joint and as a result haven’t been able to move and have noticed my beer gut creeping back. As soon as my orthopedist gives me the ok I’ll be back on the “3BG program”. I’ll keep you guys posted and be sure to send you my before and after pics… Keep up the good work boys!"

Chris Garratt, District Manager 29 - Montreal, Quebec

"I’ve played volleyball my whole life and was even lucky enough to play in college. Staying in shape wasn’t hard then. When we weren’t practicing, we were playing and when we weren’t playing, we were in the weight room. Anyway, now I’ve got a job. Work takes up most of my time. I’m now what you’d call a ‘weekend warrior’ and I use the 3BG program to stay in shape. In fact, I spend less time in the gym then when I was in college and I’d bet I’m in better shape now than then thanks to the quick and easy to follow workouts. Just wanted to say thanks for motivating me to get back into the best shape of my life and keep up the good work."

Michael Witt, Senior Strength & Conditioning Professional, 60 - Langley, British Columbia

“Being in the fitness industry for over 30 years I’ve seen a lot of terrible programs come and go. This is definitely not the case here. What I like about the 3BG system is how it’s built around the basics, specifically the very same principles I used when I first started working out. These guys aren’t trying to re invent the wheel but what they have done is build a system based off science, no gimmicks and no messing around– because that’s what gets you results. Bust your ass, train hard and throw some iron around. Then at the end of the day you can wash it all down with an ice-cold beer. Sounds good to me.”

Justin Humes, Musician/Business Development Rep, 31 - Toronto, Ontario

“I used the 3BG System to get into the best shape I’ve been in years. Splitting my time between developing my business and my music, I needed something that delivered results in a short amount of time and the workouts did just that. I get in, workout hard and get out. I’m on the road a lot and the nutrition advice in the Mouth section makes it super easy to follow when I travel. The thing I like about it is that it isn’t a diet. It’s a way of eating that I can use for the rest of my life. Keep Rockin’.”

Andrew Fraser - General Contractor 28 - Halifax, Nova Scotia

"This program is AMAZING! I have tried several other workouts over the last few years but have never experienced the results I was promised and could never stay motivated. Now I am seeing and feeling the results and friends and family members are even commenting on how good I look. I was at a friend’s pool party a few weeks ago and I was the first one to take my shirt off! Last Summer I was to shy to even go swimming. The best part was standing there shirtless and feeling great about myself while still having a beer in one hand and a burger in the other!"

Stephane Chapheau , Professional Rugby Player 28- France

"Merci Beacoup! I just want to say how great your workouts are. I started in January and each one has been very challenging. As a pretty serious rugby player I have been working out most of my life and have tried many different routines but this one has shown the most results. These workouts actually remind me of our preseason bootcamp. I got bored with my usual routine of the 35 to 40 minute jogs and the isolating weight lifting. I enjoy these because of the intensity and compound exercises. Also I’m not in the gym for an hour at a time. I have shed body fat and increased my strength (power). I see definition that I haven’t had before. And it is definitely helping my performance on the field."

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